We’re Proud of Our Reviews

ALL of our reviews.

Dog with red glasses using computer

We’re so thankful for all the great feedback we’ve received. Crafting our innovative nylon chew toy for dogs required a novel approach from a new perspective. Something you may not expect, we’re proud of what our critical reviews say about us as well.

We designed Ergo Chew for dogs, not people and our reviews prove it.

Ergo Chew is designed to satisfy your dog’s urge to chew. Some reviewers comment, “my dog is not showing interest.” A dog with healthy chewing habits will only occasionally have the urge to chew.

Be patient. It can take time to transition your dog to Ergo Chew, especially if you have provided strongly flavored chew toys in the past. We recommend removing other durable chew toys and monitoring your dog’s chewing habits. If your dog is not engaging in destructive chewing, all is well!

Your dog will view Ergo Chew as something to chew, not something to eat. Other brands trick dogs by embedding real meat inside nylon. We care too much for dogs to do this. Our design is just interesting enough to help satisfy the urge to chew, but not so interesting it appears to be a treat.

Ergo Chew is designed for safety and satisfaction.

Ergo Chew Illustration
Ergo Chew is designed for safety and satisfaction.

Other critical reviews come from pawrents concerned that small pieces shed from Ergo Chew. This is exactly what we want to see to know our nylon chew toy is functioning safely for dogs. A simple method exists to reduce material shedding but it results in a hardness that is not safe for chewing.

A fat cat
Sounds like fat cats run the other brands

Of course, the top brands use this method to harden their nylon and create the perception of quality. This approach is faster and cheaper to produce. It’s a win-win for their bottom line.

We faced this choice during product development and rejected it in favor of what is best for dogs. Our reviews may never exceed products that embed real bacon into bone-hard material. But nothing will take away our focus on dogs first.

It’s almost like a dog designed this toy!

Marissa P. Amazon customer review

It’s Chew Time!

After nearly a year of doodling, designing, planning, manufacturing, testing and tweaking, Ergo Chew is ready to launch!

Brooklyn with Ergo Chew

When we started with the idea for Ergo Chew, we had a very simple vision: Improve the experience for dogs by creating a better chew toy. We set about accomplishing this through a thoughtful design, centered around a dog’s unique abilities.

So, why fix chew toys?

Typical chew toys have problems. Some chew toys are not comfortable for dogs while others can be loaded with flavor to make you think your dog loves it (hint, he’s actually frustrated and trying to eat it). We wanted to solve these problems.

Ergo Chew With Box #2

What’s the secret?

Our unique design is plain to see but deliberately crafted. The end result is simple. Ergo Chew is intuitive for dogs.

What’s not plain to see is the flavor we add. We incorporate a calming aroma directly into the flavor component to take satisfaction to the next level. The aroma we add is shown to calm dogs in one of the most stressful environments, a shelter.

Together, the ergonomic design and our approach to flavor makes Ergo Chew the most innovative chew toy ever created. We think your dog will agree.

What’s next?

We’re so excited that our vision for a better chew toy has become a reality. This accomplishment was made possible through the support of many, especially our loyal fans and four-legged product testers who’s opinion you can always trust!

Ergo Chew will launch May, 2021. We hope you’ll give our product a try and let us know what you think!

An Early Look

We’ve been hard at work getting Ergo Chew ready for release and we’re almost there. But, we are intent on getting every last detail just right.

Our philosophy on chew toys revolves around thinking first and foremost from a dog’s abilities, like a strong sense of smell. One of the factors that drove us to create Ergo Chew is watching healthy and happy dogs try like crazy to eat non-edible chew toys because manufacturers embed strong flavors (or even real meat) inside the toy. This is really a terrible idea and is one reason why we’re taking our time to make sure the aroma we add to Ergo Chew is correctly balanced with your dog’s abilities.

While we are perfecting every last detail, I don’t want to lose sight of the great innovations that we have finished and we can share. The core function of Ergo Chew is its ease of use. We designed Ergo Chew from the viewpoint of your dog’s abilities. This means, your dog can hold Ergo Chew with just one paw. This leaves the other paw free to position the toy just right. Have you ever seen another chew toy that can make that claim?

When you see Ergo Chew for the first time, you may think it’s just a curved dog bone. Our design goes well beyond just the curve. Every surface of Ergo Chew is designed around a function.

First, that precise curvature, paired with the flat bottom, makes the chew toy have a natural upright position that is intuitive to a dog. Dogs can easily bring Ergo Chew into the upright position with help from the angled side surfaces and protruding ends. These features enable Ergo Chew to naturally want to rise upward under the normal pressure from a dog’s paw.

Beyond even this innovative functionality, we’ve put a number of other thoughtful details into Ergo Chew. The rounded chewing ends have a specific shape that is meant to help protect teeth. This means dogs spend most of their time chewing the edges rather than biting the toy directly.

We think all of this innovation, combined with our high-quality material and approach to balancing the scent makes Ergo Chew the most satisfying chew toy your dog could ever want. Or, as we like to put it, it’s the best thing since tummy rubs!

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Hello World

We’re so excited to soon be able to introduce Ergo Chew to the world and change the way dogs enjoy their chew toys! My name is Eric, I’m the inventor of the Ergo Chew. Together with the support of my family, we’ve designed a truly innovative product for dogs. It’s the best thing to happen to our furry friends since tummy rubs!

This is our first blog post so I wanted to take some time to make a record of what has brought us to this point. From here forward, I will be posting updates as we work to bring this new idea to you and your dog.

First, a bit of background. Both me and my wife have been dog lovers all our lives. We’ve had many fur babies in our families over the years. We both care greatly for animals and we have always spoiled our dogs. Something that always bothered me was watching our dogs struggle to keep control over rigid dog chew toys. The basic idea with these toys is to pacify a dog, but I always felt there was more frustration than satisfaction with most of these products. That gave me the idea to think about the ergonomics of dog toys from the perspective of a dog’s abilities. Shifting my mindset, I came up with the shape of the Ergo Chew.

So, where are we now? We’ve taken that initial idea and transformed it into a concept and now we’ve taken that concept and created a final product design. It’s so exciting to see the idea become reality! We’re really starting down the road on our journey to make Ergo Chew a household name. I look forward to sharing the journey with all of you!