What makes Ergo Chew® better?

We design for dogs, not people. The other guys add real meat inside their non-edible chew toys. That type of chewing brings frustration, not satisfaction. We would never do this to dogs just for better feedback.

Every element of Ergo Chew is designed for your dog’s abilities. From our ergonomic “one paw” shape to our perfectly balanced flavor and calming aroma. Learn more about our promise.

What size is right for my dog?

We’re launching Ergo Chew for dogs 40 lbs. and larger. We plan to add two additional sizes soon and have a size that is right for every dog. Once launched, our sizes will be:

Small: For dogs up to 15 lbs. (Coming soon)
Medium: For dogs 15 to 40 lbs. (Coming soon)
Large: For dogs 40 lbs. or larger. (Available now)

Is Ergo Chew edible?

Ergo Chew is a non-edible nylon chew toy. It is designed to be given to your dog for brief periods of time to satisfy his urge to chew. We add only enough aroma to make Ergo Chew interesting but not frustrating for your dog. Learn more about Ergo Chew on our product page.

Is Ergo Chew safe?

Every choice we make is centered around safety and satisfaction for your dog. The high-quality nylon we use to make Ergo Chew is non-toxic and conforms to FDA standards for use in (human) food processing.

The purposeful form of our chew toy encourages proper chewing. The flavor we add is just enough to be interesting, but not so much it smells like a treat. Give your dog Ergo Chew to satisfy his urge to chew and remove after a period of time that is right for your dog. See for full details.

What if my dog is not interested?

It may take some time to transition your dog to Ergo Chew. It is important to remove other durable chew toys and limit access to hazardous items your dog may normally chew.

Ergo Chew is balanced to be just interesting enough to satisfy a dog’s urge to chew. If your dog has another chew toy with bacon bits embedded inside, he may prefer trying to eat that one. That type of chew toy only creates frustration and can increase destructive chewing. Unfortunately, the other brands know most dog owners perceive this as enjoyment. We care about dogs first.

What if small pieces come off?

We designed Ergo Chew for safety and satisfaction. Our design is purposeful with rounded chewing ends and no unnecessary features. This is intended to deflect teeth and encourage proper chewing.

Our material is designed to shed, especially if a dog applies high bite force. This is for safety and it helps your dog feel more satisfaction by making progress. Learn more about what to expect on our product page.