Our Promise

We promise our design will help your dog safely satisfy his urge to chew.

A well designed chew toy should reduce the urge to chew. Transitioning your dog to Ergo Chew® may take some time. Remove other durable chew toys and monitor your dog’s chewing. Do not be discouraged if your dog does not show interest right away. As long as your dog is not engaging in destructive chewing, he is satisfied.

What Makes Us Different

We design for dogs, not people. The other guys add real meat inside their non-edible chew toys. That type of chewing brings frustration, not satisfaction. We would never do this to dogs just for better feedback. We invite you to read through our critical reviews and you’ll see some dog owners expect their dogs to always be chewing. The other guys deliver by tricking dogs with the illusion of real meat.

Quality Product

Ergo Chew® is proudly made in the U.S.A. No shortcuts. No compromises. Every choice we make is focused on delivering the high quality chew toy that your dog deserves.

We use a unique material that gives Ergo Chew all the right properties. It is long lasting but easy for dogs to chew and safe for your pet. We add a very mild flavor that is nearly imperceptible to a human. With a dog’s strong senses, this gives just enough taste to make the chew toy interesting without becoming frustrating.

Combining all these properties, with our novel shape, makes this the most satisfying chew toy your dog could ever want.

Innovative Design

Typical nylon chew toys just aren’t comfortable for dogs. A chew toy should bring hours of enjoyment, not frustration. We’ve watched all our fur babies struggle to get a satisfying chew going on a typical nylon bone. This made us think there must be a better solution. That’s what drove us to create Ergo Chew.

The concept is simple. Make a chew toy that works with a dog’s abilities. Ergo Chew is instantly recognizable to a dog. Its innovative shape makes it easy for dogs to position. Once they have it in place, the chew toy works with the dog to stay in place. This means a really satisfying chew and a happy dog.

Ergo Chew
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