It’s heckin’ good

See how Ergo Chew stacks up against other brands.

Ergo Chew Chew Chart showing benefits of Ergo Chew over other brands along the dimensions of comfort, flavor, safety and satisfaction
Ergo Chew is designed for dogs
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We think about chew toys differently. Our approach focuses exclusively on giving dogs the best experience. To help illustrate this, we created the Chew Chart.

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Our competitors focus on eye-catching designs and overloaded flavors. You think you’re giving your dog a chew toy he loves but your dog thinks you’ve just handed over a treat.

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Why do they do this? Other brands know the easy trick to make dogs appear obsessed with a chew toy. Just use bone-hard material and overload the flavor. As you write a rave review, your dog is chomping away on something that brings only frustration.

Give your dog a better experience. Get Ergo Chew and get happy.