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Nylon Dog Chew

Sometimes dogs just want to chew—and chew—enthusiastically and even aggressively. Give them overflavored chew toys, and they just keep chomping to the point of frustration. At Ergo Chew, we believe your dog deserves better.

We believe we can help reduce your dog’s urge to chew. We created a nylon dog chew that satisfies their chewing so they can stop. Less destructive chewing means a happier dog. What makes our dog toy different? We’ve developed a flavor that will calm and engage your furry best friend.

While Ergo Chew looks like a bone, it’s oversized so that it won’t wedge between teeth. Our nylon dog chew is made with high-quality materials so it’s durable enough even for power chewers. And our ergonomic design makes it easy to hold with just one paw.

So treat your best buddy to the innovative Ergo Chew and give those jaws a rest.

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