Durable Chew Toys 

Ergo Chew™ is the most innovative chew toy ever created.
Read on to see why.

It all starts with the shape

It goes beyond just a curve. The unique shape of Ergo Chew allows any dog to hold the chew toy in place with just one paw. The way we accomplish this is by making every portion of our durable chew toys functional. A dog instantly knows which way is up with Ergo Chew. Once the chew toy is in the upright position, the flat bottom enables it to stay upright and the curved shape enables your dog to easily and naturally position the chew toy and hold it firmly with just a single paw. This leaves the other paw free to use for positioning.

We use the best material

We spared no expense when selecting the right material for these durable chew toys. Our material is sourced in the U.S.A. It is the highest grade available for this application. It’s not just safe for your dog, it’s FDA compliant for use in (human) food processing. Did we have to do that? No. Most of our competitors don’t. But we know how careful we are when selecting products for our dogs and we want nothing less than that for yours.

We add just a hint of aroma

One of the worst ideas we’ve seen is to add a strong flavor, or sometimes even real meat, inside a non-edible chew toy. This makes dogs enormously frustrated, leads to over-aggressive chewing and can cause harm. A dog’s nose is approximately 40 times stronger than a human’s nose. We leverage this natural ability and add a tiny amount of aroma to our chew toy. As a human, you will not smell it. But for a dog, this gives just enough scent to be interesting but not so much that it becomes frustrating.

Finally, we perfect the details

Every surface of Ergo Chew is designed with a function in mind. The rounded ends and overlapping surface effect are designed to help deflect teeth and prevent dogs from directly biting these durable chew toys with full force. The angled edges along the side help dogs easily bring the chew toy upright and get it into position.

The whole idea behind Ergo Chew is to give your dog a more satisfying chewing experience. Minutes with Ergo Chew brings more satisfaction for your dog than hours with some other chew toys. This means a safer experience, less destructive behavior and a happier dog.