How to use Ergo Chew®

Our philosophy puts safety and satisfaction as guiding principles. We still need your help to make sure Ergo Chew is right for your dog.

Ergo Chew is designed to satisfy your dog’s urge to chew. It is not meant to be given as a permanent play toy. Introduce Ergo Chew to your dog in the upright position and encourage her to chew it upright on the rounded ends. Remove Ergo Chew after a period of time that is right for your dog. This might be after 10 minutes or many hours. The safety tips below will help you decide what’s best for your dog.

Other brands embed real bacon pieces inside bone-hard material

You’ll be really impressed with how long their bones last and how obsessed your dog is with it. Unfortunately, that obsession is actually frustration. Your dog is trying to eat that chew toy rather than satisfy her urge to chew.

This type of design is built to impress people with a perception of quality. We designed Ergo Chew for dogs, not people.

What to expect for power chewers

Power chewers generally can enjoy Ergo Chew for up to 1 hour at a time. Aggressive chewing will separate small pieces of the chew toy. This is normal and helps dogs feel more satisfaction by making progress. Dogs will generally discard any pieces that shed.

For power chewers, we recommend you give Ergo Chew for brief periods (less than 1 hour) then remove the chew toy by swapping for a treat until it is time to chew again.

What to expect for moderate chewers

Moderate chewers generally can enjoy Ergo Chew for many hours at a time. Moderate chewing will cause Ergo Chew to fray and shed. This is normal and helps your dog feel satisfaction by making progress.

Monitor your dog to learn how much time works best. Remove Ergo Chew until it is time to chew again. You can do this by swapping for a treat.

Remember: Ergo Chew is designed for safety and satisfaction. Use Ergo Chew as an aid to help your dog satisfy her urge to chew. You will see chewing habits reduce over time, when used properly.

Ergo Chew Is Non-Edible

Ergo Chew is NOT intended for consumption. If your dog ingests very small pieces that come off with normal wear, these will pass without harm. If you observe larger pieces (0.5 in / 1.5 cm or larger) separating from the chew toy, or if you suspect your dog swallowed a larger piece (0.5 in / 1.5 cm or larger) of the chew toy, remove Ergo Chew and contact a veterinarian promptly.

Know When to Replace

Ergo Chew will last longer for some dogs than others, but it is designed to be replaced regularly. It is time to replace Ergo Chew when the rounded ends are no longer present. Once the rounded ends are gone, your dog will be able to apply stronger biting force and this can result in increased risk of tooth damage.

Keep Teeth Healthy

To make Ergo Chew resistant to the strongest chewers, we selected a specialized nylon material. We also made sure every surface contains curves and other deflective shapes to prevent strong chewers from getting full bite force in a small area. Still, there is a chance that aggressive chewing can cause damage to teeth. This can result in dental issues that can lead to the need for dental work or tooth loss. This is an unavoidable risk with any hard chew toy, even natural products. With Ergo Chew, this risk increases if the rounded portions are chewed away and the chew toy is not discarded. Please monitor your dog during use and replace with a softer chew toy if you observe aggressive chewing or direct biting of the chew toy.

Rough Edges

Ergo Chew will wear over time. This is by design and part of what makes Ergo Chew safer for strong chewers. As Ergo Chew wears, jagged edges may form. This is normal and with moderate use should not cause harm. For dogs who become too aggressive when chewing, this can lead to gum bleeding or cuts in other parts of the mouth. Please monitor your dog and remove Ergo Chew if you observe this happening. You may remove rough edges by sanding or filing. This will not damage Ergo Chew. Inspect the chew toy each time before giving it to your dog to make sure it’s intact and not missing any large pieces.

Choosing the Right Size

Always select the largest possible size your dog can enjoy comfortably. We offer guidance on these sizes on our product packaging. You know your dog best so be sure you are able to observe all safety recommendations with the size you select. Keep small and medium size Ergo Chew products away from larger dogs as they may present a choking hazard.


We use a very small amount of flavoring embedded in Ergo Chew. Our chew toys do not contain nut products. The facility we use to produce Ergo Chew does not process nut products. You may apply your own flavoring directly to the ends of Ergo Chew to increase your dog’s interest, if desired.

Other Considerations

Ergo Chew is only for dogs. Do not give Ergo Chew to other animals. Ergo Chew is not a toy for children and should be kept out of reach of children.

Ergo Chew can be cleaned with warm soapy water at any time.

If you have questions or concerns related to product safety, contact us at and we will respond promptly. Please remember that ultimately it is always your responsibility to decide what to give your dog and to educate yourself about what is best for your dog. We encourage you to seek the advice of a licensed veterinarian if you have specific questions about what is best for your dog.

Last updated on January 29, 2022