Ergonomic Nylon Chew Toy

Ergo Chew Ergonomic Illustration

Dogs don’t have fingers, thumbs, or a credit card to buy the toys they prefer. So they end up with toys that are hard to handle and don’t satisfy their urge to chew. The result? One unhappy pup.

Ergo Chew is trying to change that. Our ergonomic nylon chew toy can help curb aggressive chewing with a flavor that calms them and can help reduce the urge. But that’s just part of the appeal. We developed a unique “one paw” hold to stabilize the chew and keep the other paw free. Then we optimized the Ergo Chew’s design across the board.

Designed From the Dog’s Point of View

What does your dog really need in a chew toy? We tackled that question by approaching it from a dog’s perspective. We experimented with multiple prototypes until we perfected an ergonomic nylon chew toy with a purposeful design that would be intuitive for your pet. Every element of the Ergo Chew was designed with function in mind.

The Details That Make a Difference

Ergo Chew Profile

The ends of the bone are rounded to deflect teeth and encourage correct biting. The angled side edges allow dogs to turn the Ergo Chew upright and in position. The flat bottom stabilizes the chew so your dog can hold it with just one paw. The curved shape makes it easy to handle and keep in place. There are no thin points anywhere—just heavy-duty, food-grade material with maximum durability. And it’s all sourced and manufactured in the USA.

Giving Dogs a Better Experience

Dog holding Ergo Chew®

We wanted to make an ergonomic nylon chew toy that would give your dog a better all-around experience. Comfort. Flavor. Safety. Satisfaction. The Ergo Chew’s calming aroma is almost imperceptible to humans, but deeply soothing to dogs. The flavor is interesting and engaging without ever becoming frustrating. Our novel, one-paw design allows dogs to focus on chewing, not wrestling with it.

At Ergo Chew, our goal is to reduce any destructive or aggressive chewing habits. Our toy is intended for briefer use to curb the urge to chew. As a result, it will last much longer. Doesn’t that mean fewer sales for us? Maybe. But we’re more interested in hearing your dog’s bark of approval.