We’re Proud of Our Reviews

ALL of our reviews.

Dog with red glasses using computer

We’re so thankful for all the great feedback we’ve received. Crafting our innovative nylon chew toy for dogs required a novel approach from a new perspective. Something you may not expect, we’re proud of what our critical reviews say about us as well.

We designed Ergo Chew for dogs, not people and our reviews prove it.

Ergo Chew is designed to satisfy your dog’s urge to chew. Some reviewers comment, “my dog is not showing interest.” A dog with healthy chewing habits will only occasionally have the urge to chew.

Be patient. It can take time to transition your dog to Ergo Chew, especially if you have provided strongly flavored chew toys in the past. We recommend removing other durable chew toys and monitoring your dog’s chewing habits. If your dog is not engaging in destructive chewing, all is well!

Your dog will view Ergo Chew as something to chew, not something to eat. Other brands trick dogs by embedding real meat inside nylon. We care too much for dogs to do this. Our design is just interesting enough to help satisfy the urge to chew, but not so interesting it appears to be a treat.

Ergo Chew is designed for safety and satisfaction.

Ergo Chew Illustration
Ergo Chew is designed for safety and satisfaction.

Other critical reviews come from pawrents concerned that small pieces shed from Ergo Chew. This is exactly what we want to see to know our nylon chew toy is functioning safely for dogs. A simple method exists to reduce material shedding but it results in a hardness that is not safe for chewing.

A fat cat
Sounds like fat cats run the other brands

Of course, the top brands use this method to harden their nylon and create the perception of quality. This approach is faster and cheaper to produce. It’s a win-win for their bottom line.

We faced this choice during product development and rejected it in favor of what is best for dogs. Our reviews may never exceed products that embed real bacon into bone-hard material. But nothing will take away our focus on dogs first.

It’s almost like a dog designed this toy!

Marissa P. Amazon customer review