It’s Chew Time!

After nearly a year of doodling, designing, planning, manufacturing, testing and tweaking, Ergo Chew is ready to launch!

Brooklyn with Ergo Chew

When we started with the idea for Ergo Chew, we had a very simple vision: Improve the experience for dogs by creating a better chew toy. We set about accomplishing this through a thoughtful design, centered around a dog’s unique abilities.

So, why fix chew toys?

Typical chew toys have problems. Some chew toys are not comfortable for dogs while others can be loaded with flavor to make you think your dog loves it (hint, he’s actually frustrated and trying to eat it). We wanted to solve these problems.

Ergo Chew With Box #2

What’s the secret?

Our unique design is plain to see but deliberately crafted. The end result is simple. Ergo Chew is intuitive for dogs.

What’s not plain to see is the flavor we add. We incorporate a calming aroma directly into the flavor component to take satisfaction to the next level. The aroma we add is shown to calm dogs in one of the most stressful environments, a shelter.

Together, the ergonomic design and our approach to flavor makes Ergo Chew the most innovative chew toy ever created. We think your dog will agree.

What’s next?

We’re so excited that our vision for a better chew toy has become a reality. This accomplishment was made possible through the support of many, especially our loyal fans and four-legged product testers who’s opinion you can always trust!

Ergo Chew will launch May, 2021. We hope you’ll give our product a try and let us know what you think!