Hello World

We’re so excited to soon be able to introduce Ergo Chew to the world and change the way dogs enjoy their chew toys! My name is Eric, I’m the inventor of the Ergo Chew. Together with the support of my family, we’ve designed a truly innovative product for dogs. It’s the best thing to happen to our furry friends since tummy rubs!

This is our first blog post so I wanted to take some time to make a record of what has brought us to this point. From here forward, I will be posting updates as we work to bring this new idea to you and your dog.

First, a bit of background. Both me and my wife have been dog lovers all our lives. We’ve had many fur babies in our families over the years. We both care greatly for animals and we have always spoiled our dogs. Something that always bothered me was watching our dogs struggle to keep control over rigid dog chew toys. The basic idea with these toys is to pacify a dog, but I always felt there was more frustration than satisfaction with most of these products. That gave me the idea to think about the ergonomics of dog toys from the perspective of a dog’s abilities. Shifting my mindset, I came up with the shape of the Ergo Chew.

So, where are we now? We’ve taken that initial idea and transformed it into a concept and now we’ve taken that concept and created a final product design. It’s so exciting to see the idea become reality! We’re really starting down the road on our journey to make Ergo Chew a household name. I look forward to sharing the journey with all of you!


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