We’re kind of obsessive about chew toys.

Other chew toys really annoy us…

Dog frustrated with chew bone

Some frustrate dogs by embedding real meat.

Some design only to catch your eye.

Dog with red glasses using computer
Dobermann wearing glasses using computer

Some add features without regard for function.

So we built a better chew toy.

Ergo Chew Profile

It’s almost like a dog designed this toy!

Marisa P. – Amazon customer review

It’s lasting way longer than most other toys that I have bought.

Kaia – Amazon customer review
Ergo Chew with box

A chew toy should satisfy the urge to chew.

Would you make a popsicle without the stick?

Some ideas just seem obvious. This tendency to make products appeal to humas unfortunately shows up in most products for dogs. Other brands include unnecessary surface features or design elements that are often counter-intuitive for dogs. Every element of Ergo Chew is purposefully designed to function for dogs.

Unlike most other brands, our goal is to help your dog chew less. This doesn’t help us sell more chew bones but it does help your dog satisfy the urge to chew. Used properly, Ergo Chew will last longer than those highly flavored chew toys that your dog is simply trying to eat.

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